Getting Started With Scala

The session looks at the fundamentals of Scala with examples to highlight its unique features like case classes and pattern matching, for comprehensions, traits, functions as values and others. It also looks at Scala’s support for writing internal as well as external DSLs.

Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language that has superb interoperability with Java and runs on the JVM. Scala combines Object Oriented Programming and Functional Programming paradigms rather elegantly. This enables Scala to have extremely concise syntax for both: programming-in-the-small as well as programming-in-the-large.

Speaker – Mushtaq Ahmed is a Business Analyst at ThoughtWorks. He is also a is a huge Scala enthusiast. He has spent over 8 years in the IT industry. He has done MTech in Biomedical Engg from IITB and MBBS from B. J. Medical College, Pune.

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