Cloud Computing Conference To Be Held In Pune, India – Invites Submissions

Call For Papers For IndicThreads International Conference On Cloud Computing To Be Held In Pune, India in August. 2010 – Conference aims to demystify cloud computing technologies & techniques

Rightrix Solutions, creators of software development portal & the annual Conferences On Java & Software Quality announce the 1st International Conference On Upcoming Technology. The technology for the 1st conference in 2010 is “Cloud Computing”.

The inaugural Conference On Cloud Computing will be held in Pune, India on 20 – 21 August 2010. IndicThreads invites submissions across fields, geographic locations and areas of development at

Topics appropriate for submission for this conference include but are not restricted to the following, stated in no particular order – Cloud /Grid architecture, Cloud-based Services and Education, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Virtualization, High-Performance Computing, Cloud-Delivered Testing, Cloud Lock-in vs. Cloud Interoperability, Multi Cloud Frameworks & APIs, Monitoring Cloud Applications, Data Security & Encryption On The Cloud, Elastic Computing, Cloud Databases, Private vs. Public Clouds,Cloud Scalability & Cloud Analytics.

The conference audience consists mostly of architects, senior developers and project leads. Submissions that provide best value to this target segment are most likely to be chosen.

Information on location, sessions and registrations can be found on the conference website Please visit for the submission form.

Harshad Oak, co-founder of IndicThreads, an Oracle ACE Director & Sun Java Champion says “Cloud Computing has been the most talked about topic in recent times and as with all hyped technologies, there is a lot of buzz but very little knowledge going about. Businesses are already investing heavily into a cloud future while their teams are often clueless about the what & why of the cloud. The IndicThreads conference is an attempt to bring top notch learning on cloud computing & not only to demystify the terms & techniques but also show how moving to the cloud can & should be executed.”

Like with past conferences, IndicThreads expects to have some of the top speakers from across the globe & delegates from across India.

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