Ehcache Open-Source, Distributed Cache 2.1

Ehcache 2.1 claims to be a non-disruptive, easier to use and more broadly applicable alternative to proprietary distributed caching technologies such as Oracle Coherence.

New capabilities in Ehcache 2.1 include:

* New Plug-in Enterprise Monitor for Ehcache provides real-time visibility into key performance metrics for the cache, enabling developers to optimize the performance of their applications. The plug-in is backwards compatible with previous editions of Ehcache and requires no code changes.

* Expanded support for IBM WebSphere ensures that WebSphere users can take advantage of all the features of Ehcache. In addition, Terracotta Web Sessions, a fully coherent, highly available and durable Web session clustering solution, is now available for IBM WebSphere, adding to its support for Weblogic, Tomcat, JBoss and Jetty.

* Configurable SLA parameters to ensure high performance and five-nine’s availability for mission critical applications. When typical operational problems occur, including disk failures, code deadlocks, network and database slowdowns and outages, Ehcache ensures that the application can respond to meet predetermined and stringent SLAs.

* JTA support has been significantly improved; delivering enhanced transactional support for Hibernate.

“Ehcache has become the most widely used cache for its ability to boost performance, offload the database and simplify scalability in a broad range of applications,” said Amit Pandey, CEO of Terracotta.

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