Kaazing WebSocket Gateway To Harness The Power Of HTML5

Kaazing has released an update to the Kaazing WebSocket Gateway web infrastructure software based on the HTML5 WebSocket standard.

Kaazing WebSocket Gateway extends the use of TCP-based messaging format to any browser, delivering  high performance bi-directional communication over the Web. Unlike older, non-standard technologies that rely on “polling” or “long-polling,” and utilize complex, inefficient techniques that result in higher latency and sky-rocketing server infrastructure costs, Kaazing WebSocket Gateway reduces unnecessary network traffic and is capable of supporting over one million concurrent users per gateway.

“Kaazing WebSocket Gateway is the first and only WebSocket infrastructure solution that enables large and small businesses to harness the power of HTML5 for dynamic multiplatform application deployment,” said Jonas Jacobi, CEO of Kaazing.

Kaazing WebSocket Gateway Product Features:

  • Ultra-high performance, full duplex bi-directional communication between browser and back-end real-time data sources and messaging servers
  • Native support for HTML5 WebSocket compliant browsers, as well as emulated support for older versions of browsers including IE6, without requiring any plug-ins
  • Support for all major client technology platforms, including: JavaScript, Adobe Flash/Flex, Java Desktop, JavaFX, Java Applet, Microsoft Silverlight, and Microsoft .Net framework
  • Support for a variety of protocols, including, but not limited to: STOMP, AMQP, and XMPP
  • Awareness and support for communication through proxy servers
  • Support for full TCP-based binary and text protocol
  • Dynamic load balancing with fine-grained control
  • Enterprise grade reliability and resiliency through advanced high availability and disaster recovery features
  • Enhanced security and single sign-on capabilities, including built-in protocol awareness and credential injection; integration with JAAS, supporting pluggable authentication modules.


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