Parasoft Releases Parasoft Test Platform, Jtest9 & SOAtest9

Parasoft has released Parasoft Test, a new platform for integrating testing throughout all stages of the software development lifecycle.  Parasoft SOAtest 9 and Parasoft Jtest 9 also released today integrate into the Parasoft Test framework.

The Jtest 9 release introduces runtime error detection during unit and application-level testing; this exposes defects such as race conditions, exceptions, resource & memory leaks, and security attack vulnerabilities. Jtest 9 also adds new levels of coverage tracking, GUI testing, seamless Maven integration, and over 100 new rules for Android and other mobile platforms, HIPAA, JSF, optimization, data flow analysis, and TDD.

The SOAtest 9 release features major enhancements to Application Behavior Virtualization (advanced stubbing), support for custom transports and protocols, extended load test monitoring and reporting, and many enhancements for the rapid creation and execution of complex scenarios.

Both products now feature 64-bit support on Windows and Linux.

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