5th Annual IndicThreads Conference On Java to be held in Pune, India

The 5th annual IndicThreads.com Conference On Java will be held on 10-11 December at the Hotel Deccan Rendezvous in Pune, India. The 2010 conference is the 5th consecutive year of world-class & vendor-neutral Java learning & discussion at the conference. Sessions & Registration details for the conference are on the web at – http://J10.IndicThreads.com/

Sessions at the conference deal with key issues & buzzing new technologies like Domain Specific Languages, Spring Roo, Groovy & Grails, JavaEE 6, Java 7, Optimizing Java Applications for multi-core hardware, HBase non-relational database, Java performance evaluation and diagnosis, Adobe Flex, OSGI, Java Infrastructure, Java Web Services & Apache Thrift. Speakers at the conference include distinguished experts & authors on Java software development.

Conference sessions will dive into the various frameworks, platforms, architectures & techniques for delivering robust & high performance Java software.

Harshad Oak, founder IndicThreads, an Oracle ACE Director & a Sun Java Champion says “There’s loads of speculation about the future of Java, but the fact is that Java software today runs on all kinds of devices, over 850 million PCs & 3 billion mobile phones. There are an estimated 6.5 million Java developers worldwide. Also Java continues to be a great if not the best alternative to build & deliver high performance software applications for the Internet.”

“Having said that, Java has this remarkable ability to innovate and morph based on the technology needs of the time and we currently are in the midst of such a change. So the theme for conference 2010 is “Riding The Change”, to reflect the changing nature of Java and how developers & companies need to adapt & evolve so as to ride the change & benefit from it.”

Sangeeta Oak, founder of IndicThreadsTM adds “A lot of the Java news of late have had nothing to do with technology. This has to a certain extent, overshadowed the wonderful work & the innovative new developments that continue to flourish in the Java software space. The conference is a forum where we stay away from gossip, rumours & idle talk and take a great big dose of pure Java technology, just the way the technologists like it. The 2010 conference also goes well beyond the standards & specs & looks at the rich range of work happening across the Java landscape.”

5th Annual IndicThreads Conference On Java
Dates: 10-11 Dec 2010
Venue: Hotel Deccan Rendezvous, Pune, India
Web: http://J10.IndicThreads.com/
Sessions: http://j10.indicthreads.com/category/sessions/
Registration: http://j10.indicthreads.com/register/

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