2nd IndicThreads Conference On Software Quality Focuses On Cloud & Mobile Software

The 2nd Annual Conference On Software Quality will be held on 25-26 March 2011 in Pune, India. The conference is an independent event on software quality and the place to discuss new developments & tackle issues and hurdles in ensuring software quality.

Sessions at the conference deal with topics like Cloud Testing, Testing Mobile Apps, Continuous Integration, Migration Testing Framework, Testing Flash and Flex for Accessibility, Testing Web Apps On The Cloud, Keyword Driven Automation, Automated Database Testing, Image Based Testing, Test Automation On Android, Robotium, Testing Games’ Server. Speakers at the conference include distinguished experts & senior professionals like Nirmalya Sengupta, Amit Dixit, Ameya Naik, Inder Singh, Vishal Harane, Dada Mote, Vaibhav Kothari, Rashmi Aghor, Rohit Ghatol & Girish Kolapkar.

Sangeeta Oak, founder IndicThreads says “Based on industry inputs, conference 2011 has a focus on cloud & mobile software, two domains where we have seen significant interest as well as uncertainty amongst software quality professionals. Like all IndicThreads’ events, this is not a training, but an effort to discuss, question & expand horizons on what software quality & software testing professionals know & use. ”

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