Ride Through The Clouds @ IndicThreads Cloud Computing Conference 2011

Pune, India: In a novel initiative, IndicThreads has announced that at its annual Cloud Computing conference to be held in June 2011, all delegates would get to literally ride through the clouds over Pune city, aboard the first hot air balloon to be entirely made in India.

The balloon is an indigenous creation of Dr. Mohan Bhargav, an aeronautical engineer based at the Bangalore Aeronautical College. It is the first such balloon to be made entirely out of parts sourced from Indian vendors. Dr. Mohan’s innovation is the distinctly wider design (see pic) that he claims gives the balloon a steadier ride and saves almost 7% in fuel costs. He calls it the lotus petal design.

Dr Bhargav said “We are thrilled to be taking our innovation to Pune and to be part of the IndicThreads Conference. After the conference, we would be at Panchgani for 2 weeks for further testing & refining our new design. With the high velocity air currents at Panchagani that are already being utilized for para gliding , I am optimistic the balloon will exceed our expectations, especially in saving fuel costs.”

Dr. Bhargav's Lotus Petal Balloon

Harshad Oak, founder IndicThreads said “At all IndicThreads events we look to bring in that something extra that will make our event stand out and in the process also support Indian innovation & enterprise. While bouncing ideas on what we could do for our upcoming cloud computing conference, a casual Google search got me to Dr. Bhargav’s blog about his great new innovation. Fortuitously for us, Dr Bhargav was anyway looking to come to the Panchgani valley just before the monsoons to test his innovation. I am so looking forward to flying over Pune city!

Sangeeta Oak adds “Getting the security clearances was the major challenge as the authorities are not that keen on having such flying objects over the city. It was exhausting to get all the documents & approvals in place, but now that we have them, it was well worth the effort.”

“There’s good news even for those who cannot make it to the conference. The balloon rides will be available to the general public on 3rd & 4th June at a charge of Rs 1800  for a 10 minute ride. Conference delegates get it free of cost! To pre-register at just Rs1200 per hour, add a comment to this article & someone from Dr. Bhargav’s team will get in touch with you.”

The balloons will take off from the University grounds at dawn on the 3rd of June with 5 people on board. Over the next few hours all delegates will take 10 min rides over the city. The 2nd Annual Conference On Cloud Computing would start at 9am on the 3rd of June. The rides for the general public would start at 10am.


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  • October 4, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    i am damn excited… is it possible to have a ride .. anywhere in pune (or near by somewhere) ..?

  • September 7, 2011 at 7:00 am

    hey..looks like i am pretty late. but is there anyway a hot balloon ride might still be available for general public?

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