Jul 282011

Java SE 7 has been released. Although the new release doesn’t bring any radical new technology, it does bring fresh energy & vibrancy to the Java ecosystem.

After nearly five years of collaboration within the worldwide Java community, Java Platform, Standard Edition is ready for download!

The major features of Java SE 7 are:

  • Project Coin- many small language changes that add up to a big boost in productivity for developers
  • The Fork/Join Framework – facilitates parallelism for mulit-core processors
  • The New File System API (NIO.2) – provides the ability to perform many basic file system operations natively
  • InvokeDynamic – makes it easier to run other languages on the JVM

src: oracle.com

With this important milestone behind us, our engineers are already busy with other projects such as JavaFX 2.0 and JDK 8.

src: oracle.com

A giant thank-you to everyone who contributed to this release—from Sun, Oracle, and elsewhere—and especially to those who held on for the long haul of four years, seven months, and seventeen days since JDK 6.

src: mreinhold.org

You can download Java 7 as well as  JavaEE 6 + Java7 bundle on the Oracle website. However if you are hoping to try it out with NetBeans, you would have to wait a bit longer for a NetBeans  Java 7  release.

(Update: 1st Aug 2011 ) NetBeans 7.0.1 with Java 7 integration is now available for download


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