Cloud Development With Cloud Foundry

This session on Cloud Foundry was presented at the 2nd Annual Conference On Upcoming Technology (Cloud Computing) held in June 2011 in Pune, India.

Cloud Foundry is the first Open PAAS platform project created by VMWare. CloudFoundry makes the life of developer easier by eliminating the time spent installing and configuring infrastructure such as application servers and JVMs. CloudFoundry is all about choices — you have choice of frameworks (Spring + Java, Rails and Sinatara for Rails,and NodeJs) , choice of Application Services (MySQL, REDIS, MongoDB) , choice of Clouds (vSphere , vCloud, AmazonEC2) to work with. The best part of CloudFoundry is that it does not lock you to a cloud provider and does not add any limitations( we all know how difficult it is to develop in Google App Engine).
This talk is divided into three parts :

Introducing Cloud Foundry : In the first part I will first talk about what is CloudFoundry, why it was required, how you can deploy applications into cloud using CloudFoundry.
Spring Roo Cloud Foundry Integration : Spring Roo is a RAD tool which helps you build spring managed applications very quickly and easily. Spring Roo latest version comes with inbuilt support for CloudFoundry. I will show how a application created using Roo can be deployed to cloud using CloudFoundry. Spring Roo + CloudFoudry is match made in heaven.
WaveMaker : Recent SpringSource acquisition Wavemaker can help a non technical person create spring based application in minutes without writing code. I will demo how you can create an application using WaveMaker and deploy to the cloud.

Java Conference
Speaker: Shekhar Gulati has 6 years of experience and is currently working with Xebia India as Senior Consultant. He has written technical articles at JavaLobby,, and IBM Developerworks.

* Excuse the poor video quality. It is intentionally so, to ensure that the video works fine on slow connections.


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