Cloud Lock-in vs. Cloud Interoperability

Cloud Lock-in vs. Cloud Interoperability session was presented at the 2nd Annual Conference On Upcoming Technology (Cloud Computing) held in June 2011 in Pune, India.

As the cloud adoption increases, there is a growing concern about the lock-in of customers into the various cloud platforms. This session will discuss various major cloud platforms, the type of lock-in the customer will face in each of these platforms and what each customer can do to minimize their lock-in.

Key takeaways for audience are:

  1. Understand what is cloud lock-in
  2. Types of cloud vendor lock-ins
  3. What is cloud interoperability
  4. Major initiatives around cloud interoperability standards
  5. Goals, differences and players/proponents of these major standards
  6. Steps to minimize cloud lock-in for your customers

Java Conference
Speaker: Ashwin Waknis is a Sr. IT professional with 15 years in the industry. Ashwin is currently head of the Cloud Professional Services Business at Persistent Systems. Before that Ashwin was a Sr. Product Manager at Cisco Systems where he lead major initiatives around Knowledge Management, Enterprise Portal, Web 2.0/Social software and Enterprise Search.

* Excuse the video quality. It is intentionally so, to ensure that the video works fine on slow connections.


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