Oracle launches Public Cloud, Shakes up the Cloud Market

Larry Ellison today announced the Oracle Public Cloud at the Oracle Openworld conference in San Francisco, US. The Oracle Public Cloud claims to be the enterprise cloud for business. It is a suite of Oracle applications, middleware and database offerings delivered in a self-service, subscription-based, elastically scalable, reliable, highly available, and secure manner. Oracle provides hosting, management, software updates, and world-class support for these offerings.

The Oracle Public Cloud includes the following services:

Application Services

Platform Services

The Java Cloud Service is based on JavaEE 5 and Weblogic Server 11g. Larry Ellison in his keynote focused on Oracle’s offerings & the Oracle Public Cloud leveraging industry standards¬† unlike all other players who use proprietary solutions.

Despite being a late entrant to the public cloud space, Oracle Public Cloud looks certain to shake up the space and pose a major challenge to the established players like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and SalesForce.

Larry Ellison in his keynote also mocked other players like SalesForce for supporting their own version of Java & JavaEE and not supporting the standards. He repeated Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff’s line “Beware Of False Cloud” and said that SalesForce does not have a JavaEE compliant cloud solution and that the SalesForce cloud was a “False Cloud”.

The Oracle Public cloud is available in a monthly subscription form and is elastic to allocate as required. Larry’s list of questions to ask your cloud vendor:

  1. Can I move it to another cloud?
  2. Virtualization vs Multi Tenancy : Is your data safe & secure in a spearate database or is all data mixed up.
  3. Do I get additional capacity automatically?

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