Mobile Payment Systems & NFC On Various Mobile Platforms

“Your Mobile phone will soon be your wallet – Overview of Mobile Payment Systems” session was presented at 2nd Annual Conference On Mobile Application Development, August 2011, Pune, India.

This presentation will provide the audience with a overview of Mobile Payment systems and the state of the current innovations in the mobile payment space. Recently both Google and Apple have been making multiple announcements on the mobile payments front. We will take a deeper look at Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled mobile payment platforms such as Android. The audience will get an insight into how the NFC stack in Android works and how to program applications for it. The presentation will also look at some alternative NFC software stacks such as Open NFC project that is gaining momentum. There will also be an overview of payment systems on other platforms such as iOS, Blackberry and webOS.

Key Takeaways for the Audience:

  1. Understand the mobile payments space
  2. Get an overview of contact less mobile technologies such as NFC
  3. Deep dive into programming for NFC on Android systems
  4. Overview of Payment systems on other Mobile platforms such as iOS (Apple) and Blackberry OS


Amit Naik works as an Architect with BMC software. He builds performant cloud solutions with a focus on heterogeneity and monitoring across different virtualization and provisioning vendors in the cloud computing space. His main focus is the Architecture and Design of BMC solutions with emphasis on building highly-scalable systems with REST and other SOA interfaces. Java Conference
Amit has a Bachelor’s degree from College of Engineering Pune and a Master’s degree from Purdue Univ., West Lafayette. He has more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, much of it in the USA, across a variety of Technical and Techno-Managerial roles. He has been working in the Cloud Computing space for the last two years and has deep expertise across the entire gamut of Cloud Architectures, Vendors and Systems.


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