PaaS a Java EE 6 Application

PaaSing a Java EE 6 Application was presented at 6th Annual Conference On Java, December 2011, Pune, India.

This session details how JavaEE containers such as GlassFish can provide such service orchestration and elasticity capabilities. This session will take an existing JavaEE 6 application and walk through the complete life cycle of taking this application from desktop to a PaaS environment. The session will explain the development, testing, and debugging of such an application in the PaaS environment.

A PaaS offering typically facilitates application deployment without the cost and complexity of managing infrastructure, by providing all of the facilities required to build and deliver services. Current JavaEE deployment requires the deployer to provision the various dependent services of an application in that container. To support PaaS deployment scenarios, GlassFish is working to provide a simplified application provisioning and deployment interface to users, with the runtime handling the discovery of service dependencies, provisioning services, and associating service references with these services.

Some of the metrics (such as CPU, memory, and response times) can be used to monitor system health. These metrics can then be used to determine if the cluster of virtual machines hosting the JavaEE container needs to be dynamically expanded or shrunk to accommodate fluctuations in demand.


Kshitiz Saxena is principle member technical staff in the Java EE Platform group at Oracle with industry experience of 10+ years. He is module lead for load-balancer in GlassFish, and worked in other areas spanning PaaS, CDI, connectors, connection pooling and JDBC RI. He holds master’s and bachelor’s degree from IIT Bombay.

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