Simplifying Build Scripts with Gradle

Build orchestration and automation has always been a tricky problem, especially once we start crossing application boundaries. Several tools in he Java ecosystem, such as ant and maven, have taken a stab at this problem.

A relatively new entrant to this space is Gradle. Built using Groovy it offers an extremely flexible means of describing builds with only as much text as is absolutely necessary thanks to it’s powerful plugin infrastructure and sensible conventions borrowed from existing tools.

This session will introduce the audience to Gradle, the various DSLs used to describe builds as well as the plugin infrastructure that allows for extending Gradle’s capabilities.

Simplifying Builds with Gradle was presented at 6th Annual Conference On Java, December 2011, Pune, India. Presentation – Slides


Speaker At Java ConferenceA software consultant with over 8 years of experience in a wide range of technologies, I,ve spent the last couple of years at ThoughtWorks, brainstorming solutions for anything from microsites for text-messaging apps and specialized product tracking services to arguing over enterprise-wide deployments of integrated virtualization and source control systems. And that’s when I wasn’t busy building eCommerce apps! Now, I work at Vayana Services, building B2B integration services connecting enterprises and banks. As a self confessed Java evangelist, I have always tried to keep myself updated about technologies and new developments at the edges of this space.


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