What’s Next With Java? – JavaOne Strategy Updates

The Java Strategy Keynote is the opening talk at JavaOne. It’s meant to answer “What’s next with JavaSE, JavaEE, JavaFX, Java Mobile & more… ?”

Live Updates:

  • Venue is not Moscone or the Hilton but the Masonic Auditorium. A steep 20 min climb from the Hilton. Buses also bringing in many participants. Unaware why it’s not happening at the Hilton or Moscone.
  • Modest turnout. Suspect the inconvenient venue has contributed.
  • Hasan Rizvi ->
  • Theme for 2012 is ‘Make the Future Java’
  • Java Scorecard 2012. Mentions good growth on most fronts. Also growth in community. JavaOne events across the world and growth in user base for Netbeans and Java Magazine.
  • George Saab ->
  • Java 7 adoption rising . Oracle to support
  • Java 7 also on Mac OS 10 ad Linux / ARM
  • Highlighting JDK 8 features, particularly Lambda
  • Nandini Ramani
  • As of Aug 12, JavaFX 2.2 and Scene Builder available.
  • JavaFX now bundled with JDK
  • Many new features in JavaFX 2.2. Will post slide later
  • JavaFX is meant to be a replacement for Swing
  • Invites Navis and Canoo to demo how JavaFX is being used for cargo management
  • Video of 3D app used for cargo / container management by Navis.
  • George Saab
  • Java SE 9 looks at JigSaw and OSGI interop
  • Project Sumatra – Java for GPUs
  • AMD representative talking of Java for GPU
  • Sumatra is an  OpenJDK project. Meant to leverage Java on GPUs.
  • Back to Nandini Ramani
  • We see a third wave where devices are on and connected 24×7. Java Embedded solutions are targeted at this space. From a low footprint Java Card, Java ME to JavaSE
  • Java ME Embedded 3.2 and Java Embedded Suite 7. recently released. Embedded Suite is a middleware solution with Glassfish & Jersey bundled.
  • Mintchip demo on stage. Uses JavaCard and claims to be evolution of currency
  • JavaME meant to be a proper subset of JavaSE
  • Cameron Purdy on Enterprise Java JavaEE
  • Focus on Standard, productiviety, Portability, Extensibility and Modularity
  • You can download a Glassfish release for JavaEE 7 today
  • JavaEE 7 is support for Websockets, Servlet 3.1, better JSON and REST support, JMS 2.0, Caching and Batch support
  • JavaEE cloud support delayed to 2015. Would be part of JavaEE 8.
  • JavaEE Persistence for NoSQL. EclipseLink to support NoSQL. To be part of JPA
  • April 2013 – JavaEE 7 release date
  • Nicole Otto from Nike shows a Nike FuelBand video. Life is a sport. Make it count. Nike Communities running on JavaEE
  • Oceanographer Robert Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic on stage
  • Nat Geo Video. about how technology used in discovering ship wrecks.At least a million ship wrecks yet to be discovered
  • Bob Ballard : What I really want to find is a spaceship in the ocean!
  • Talks of how they are using technology to reach out to kids and to get them exited about science.
  • Didn’t say anything about Java ??
  • Next is the IBM keynote

Overall, the Java Strategy Keynote mostly had incremental updates and little new & exciting stuff.

The time spent on Java Embedded probably an indicator of a renewed focus on Java embedded on devices. There’s even a spinoff JavaOne Embeddded conference this year.


Talk Abstract-The future course for modern-day living—in both the enterprise business world and the consumer arena—is being positively influenced by the ongoing innovation and value of Java. From enterprise application development to cloud computing and embedded machine-to-machine systems, Java continues to drive the applications and devices that enrich our interactivity with the world around us. In the Java strategy keynote, Oracle’s Java engineering luminaries demonstrate Oracle’s continued commitment to and positive stewardship of Java and provide a glimpse of the future, showcasing the vast opportunities Java provides.


  1. Nandini Ramani – Vice President, Oracle
  2. Hasan Rizvi – Senior Vice President of Product Development, Oracle
  3. Georges Saab – VP, Software Development, Oracle
  4. Cameron Purdy – VP Development, Oracle
  5. Henrik Stahl – Senior Director Product Management, Oracle

Harshad Oak

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