Harshad Oak

Harshad Oak

Harshad Oak is the founder of Rightrix Solutions & IndicThreads. He is the author of 3 books and several articles on Java technology. For his contributions to technology and the community, he has been recognized as an Oracle ACE Director and a Sun Java Champion. Contact - harshad aT rightrix doT com & @HarshadOak

Sep 202010

JavaOne 2010 kicks off in a few hours, on the backdrop of the many changes that Java has seen in recent years. Oracle bought Sun, Significant Drop in Java’s Cool Quotient, Drop in Buzz Around Java Technologies, Perceived stagnation, Emergence & Phenomenal Growth Of Android, Google Lawsuit… Considering all these factors, Java today seems well and truly at a crossroad. While some have started writing epitaphs for Java, calling it the new COBOL; there are others confident of a Java resurgence. Continue reading »

Aug 132010

In what might be very bad news for Java developers working on Android, Oracle has sued Google, alleging that it has infringed on intellectual property related to the Java software that Oracle acquired when it purchased Sun Microsystems. A Google vs Oracle battle is certain to lead to innocent Java blood being spilt.  Continue reading »

Apr 082010

A recent announcement of an enterprise deploying several internal web applications on SpringSource tc Server got me thinking about how the business would have evaluated competing solutions and then decided to go with a server like the Tomcat based SpringSource tc Server? Would it have been decision based on facts or based more of gut feel & comfort level with the vendor? Continue reading »

Apr 072010

The TIOBE Programming index for April 2010 says that C is back at the No 1 position and the main reason is said to be the decline of Java which is showing a long-term downward trend. I am sure this will get reported as evidence of the end of Java being near. However while a  downward trend for the Java language might be visible, I do not think there’s any downward trend for the Java platform as a whole. Continue reading »

Feb 182010

In the recent ‘State of PHP and Zend Framework Development’ survey by Zend Technologies 85% of PHP developers surveyed named Linux as their primary operating system while 11% named Windows and 2% named Mac OS X. However when asked to name their primary operating system for development, 42% named Windows versus 38.5% who chose Linux and 19.1% who chose Mac OS X. Continue reading »

Jan 282010

Today’s Oracle – Sun webcast covered Oracle’s plans for Java & other Sun technologies post acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle. While the twitter hashtag #oraclesun is a good place to find info & opinions on Oracle + Sun, there’s also a lot of not so useful stuff there. Continue reading »