Feb 182010

In this interview we speak with cloud computing expert Janakiram MSV. Janakiram talks of what the cloud has to offer and how the various software platforms are placed as regards cloud adoption. He shares his thoughts on the top cloud service providers & the steps involved in migrating to the cloud. Finally he delves on the risks & drawbacks of cloud computing that we need to watch out for. Continue reading »

Apr 292009

rob_jamesRob James is the CTO of Aegeon and one of the earliest adopters of Groovy and Grails for real world software. In this interview with IndicThreads he tells us why Aegeon chose Groovy and Grails to build their enterprise web2 & social networking product, Spaceo.us. He talks of the challenges in getting web2 and social media ideas into enterprise software. He also shares when one should consider using emerging technologies and how to go about adopting them. Continue reading »

Sep 262008

In this interview we speak to Jonas Jacobi and John Fallows, the founders of Kaazing. Kaazing is the creator of the Kaazing Enterprise Gateway product and is active in the real-time bi-directional Internet technology space with the Kaazing gateway leveraging the new HTML 5 WebSocket standard. Jonas and John talk of the need for two way communication and compare it with established request-response and Ajax models of communication. They also touch on how WebSocket can be used in JavaEE applications and its impact on existing architecture and code.
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Mar 172008

JavaFX ExpertJim Weaver, one of the best known names in the JavaFX world talks to IndicThreads about JavaFX Script, where it stands today, how it compares to other RIA technologies and where JavaFX looks headed. Jim gives us an overview of the development cycle for a JavaFX Script application. He also talks about the benefits of using JavaFX and the challenges faced in its

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Nov 052007

Bruce JohnsonBruce Johnson, Project Lead of The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) talks to IndicThreads about the GWT framework, it’s capabilities, the team mission and more. He talks about how GWT helps developers build high-end Ajax applications using Java and without worrying about the cross-browser quirks.
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