Contributors’ Guide To IndicThreads

Thanks for your interest in being a contributor at IndicThreads. We welcome you to the site and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship. Below is an overview of the IndicThreads contribution process. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email the editor at editor @

Table Of Contents

  1. Credits
  2. What’s In It For You
  3. What’s In It For Us
  4. Republish
  5. How To Contribute To IndicThreads
  6. Article Style Guidelines


We work on a credit system for our contributors. We work out a monthly credits target in consultation with each contributor. Once this target is decided, the contributor is free to decide when and what kind of contributions he/she wishes to make, so as to reach the target score. You will get the credits once the article is published on the site. Please refer to the credits score table below.

1 News 250+ words 3 credits
2 Article [short] 400+ words 6 credits
3 Article [long] 800+ words 10 credits
3 Interview 800+ words 8 credits

Example – Your monthly target credits are 30. You can either submit 3 long articles OR 10 news items OR 5 short interviews… You get the idea, right?

What’s In It For You

  1. IndicThreads will ensure that your writing reaches thousands of readers across the globe. IndicThreads will help you refine and structure your writing.
  2. We will compensate you for your articles. At this time, your author payments won’t be quite enough for you to quit your day job, but every bit is good. Right? Your compensation depends on your monthly credits, your expertise and your writing experience.
  3. Being a writer for a site like will be a great value add to your profile and will go a long way in you being recognized as a subject expert by the community.
  4. Many of our contributors have received valuable contacts for their work and businesses through responses to their articles.
  5. Conferences are the best place in India for independent developer learning. You will not only get invites to the events but would also be a core member of the conference team, getting a chance to contribute and also learn from the best.
  6. Your article and interviews will carry your photo, contact and brief bio, while news items will carry your name.

What’s In It For Us

We greatly value original content from subject experts. We value the exposure your original content brings to the site and it helps us in our quest to be the No. 1 Online Developer Resource. IndicThreads is driven through ads, conferences, research work and spin-off business for Rightrix Solutions.


From IndicThreads To Another Site
IndicThreads adopts an author friendly republish policy. We appreciate that many of our authors would want to publish their articles on their personal blogs. You are free to republish any content you add to IndicThreads to your blog or another website. All you need to do is to add the line “Republished from” in the republished article and link this line back to the original article URL on IndicThreads. We request you to republish not prior to 7 days after the article’s publication date on IndicThreads.

To IndicThreads From Another Site
You are welcome to republish an item that has been earlier published elsewhere. For republished content you get 75% of the credits stated above. Please ensure that you have the requisite rights to republish. If you are not sure, we suggest that you do not republish. Write to the us in case there are any special republish requirements.

How To Contribute To IndicThreads

  1. Once we have finalized on your scope, credits and compensation, we will create a login for you to our content management system.
  2. To add new content, you just need to login to the site and type your article using the rich visual editor provided.
  3. Save and submit your article.
  4. The article will undergo a quick review. We will fix minor issues and in some cases request you to make a few changes.
  5. Once this is done, your article will be scheduled for publication.

Article Style Guidelines

Please follow the following guidelines when you publish any content to IndicThreads
  1. Only use HTML formatting like Headings, Lists and Tables, Bold and Italic. If you require any advanced formatting, let us know and we will take care of it.
  2. Use h1, h2 and h3 headings to organize content. Avoid going beyond h3.
  3. For articles over 600 words, please begin with a short 2-3 lines abstract that states what you intend to cover in the article and end with a conclusion of 2-3 line. These make it article far more reader friendly.
  4. Include your bio and a recent photo at the end of the article
  5. Please mark all code samples with the pre html tag
  6. All keywords and code words in the article text and not in a code snippet, should be marked in italics. Example: null, lang, java.util.*
  7. All images should be numbered and have an explanatory caption. The caption should be in italics. Example: Figure 1: The getting started screen
  8. All code samples should be numbered and have a explanatory caption in the form: Listing 1: The Multiply method in class Mathematics
  9. In the article, please refer to the code and the figures by their numbers. Example: As shown in Figure 1, Figure 1 shows us.
  10. If you are referring to somebody else’s content, cite the source in the copy, and provide a link if appropriate.
  11. All acronyms should be capitalized. Explain the acronym on it first usage. Example: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  12. If you prefer to email the article rather than directly write it by logging into our system, please submit in HTML format only. Please do not send MS Word files, as they make formatting very difficult for us.
  13. It is important that the HTML should be free of an CSS style usage. Many common HTML editors use CSS in the background. So kindly check your HTML before you submit.