May 172011

The 2nd Annual Conference On Cloud Computing will be held on 3-4 June 2011 in Pune, India. Cloud Computing’s potential for transformation seems endless;  however for effective cloud adoption the users & developers need a good understanding of  the intricacies & the challenges like security, platform choices, cloud lockin, interoperability, legal implications & cloud monitoring.

While last year’s conference got delegates started with cloud computing, the 2011 conference takes things further, diving into the depths, the choices & the challenges posed by cloud computing.The conference is a vendor-neutral event focused on delivering learning & quality content for the delegates.

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Mar 242010

Amazon has announced a new Amazon Web Services SDK for Java. The AWS SDK for Java provides a Java API for AWS infrastructure services, making it easier for developers to build applications that tap into the AWS cloud. Using the SDK, developers can build solutions for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon SimpleDB, and more. Amazon has also updated their AWS Toolkit for Eclipse. Continue reading »

Feb 182010

In this interview we speak with cloud computing expert Janakiram MSV. Janakiram talks of what the cloud has to offer and how the various software platforms are placed as regards cloud adoption. He shares his thoughts on the top cloud service providers & the steps involved in migrating to the cloud. Finally he delves on the risks & drawbacks of cloud computing that we need to watch out for. Continue reading »

Feb 102010

Terracotta & Eucalyptus Systems have partnered to provide an open source solution that aims to maximizes data scalability and application performance in a private cloud environment. Enterprises adopting cloud architectures can face challenges related to the elastic provisioning of compute clouds on existing data center infrastructure and the inability of the data layer to scale at the same rate as the compute layer. Continue reading »