Aug 182009

New Relic RPM is a subscription-based application performance management solution for web applications developed in Ruby on Rails or Java. It has has announced the opening of a public beta program for the latest version of its RPM product. The new version can be used to monitor, troubleshoot and tune Java web applications in addition to those developed on Ruby on Rails. RPM claims to be the industry’s first Application Performance Management (APM) product to be offered as a service.

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Apr 272009

Embarcadero Technologies has released the latest update to JBuilder Java IDE. Built on the latest Eclipse framework, JBuilder 2008 R2 claims to boost developer productivity, application performance, and code quality with advanced features and updated support for the leading commercial and open source Java EE 5 application servers. Continue reading »

May 122008

The importance of security is often realized only after an application’s security is breached. One of the reasons why security is not enforced is it’s impact on application performance. Adding security makes my application slow is a very common excuse for not securing applications. While security features is a generic term, and can mean a number of things right from firewalls to identity management and more, in this article we will concentrate on the cryptographic implications. We will study the impact of using various kinds of cryptographic algorithms on performance.
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