Jun 302010

Apache Tomcat 7 is the project’s first major release since 2006. It fully implements the Java Servlet 3.0, JavaServer Pages (JSP) 2.2, and Expression Language (EL) 2.2 specifications for easier Web framework integration. One of the Apache Software Foundation’s (ASF) earliest projects, the Tomcat code base was first donated to the ASF in 1999. Continue reading »

Apr 082010

A recent announcement of an enterprise deploying several internal web applications on SpringSource tc Server got me thinking about how the business would have evaluated competing solutions and then decided to go with a server like the Tomcat based SpringSource tc Server? Would it have been decision based on facts or based more of gut feel & comfort level with the vendor? Continue reading »

Mar 102010

SpringSource has released tc Server Spring Edition, which claims to be the best place to build and run Spring applications. tc Server Spring Edition provides a lightweight platform for running modern applications and is said to be suited for the virtualized datacenter as well as private and public cloud environments.  Continue reading »

Oct 292008

Canonical has announced the upcoming availability of Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition for free download on 30 October. Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition will be maintained for 18 months and adds significant enhancements in virtualisation, Java development and system management.
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May 072008

JavaOne every year seems to have one prominent topic that overshadows everything else. 2008 seems to belong to JavaFX and Java on mobile and consumer devices. There’s been no talk of SOA and minimal talk on enterprises. Rich Internet Applications (RIA) is definitely Sun’s focus this year. The other talk from Sun dealt with Java for movies, Java for DVDs and on other consumer electronics. So like one speaker said, Java has gone full circle, it began with consumer devices and is now returning to the same.

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