Dec 202012

Technology is extremely important. Many companies have been tremendously successful by leveraging technology. Conferences such as IndicThreads are great for learning about technology and keeping current. However technology is just the beginning. Look beyond technology if you really want to build great products!

In this short talk Suhas Kelkar, Chief Technology Officer (APAC) for BMC Software shares some of his experiences dealing with enterprise software customers and what they are looking for from a successful product. He also shares how to recognize when to leverage technology and when to look beyond technology.

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Jan 192012

Representational State Transfer (REST) style web services are very popular. They offer simplicity and flexibility of choosing the content in which they can be consumed. This session focuses on the pros and cons of using binary format as a content for the RESTful web services. In this talk, Google Protocol Buffers will be used as an example content for Restful Web Services. We also will compare other options for data serialization systems such as Avro, Java objects in terms of performance, ease of development. Continue reading »