Aug 142012

Software Engineering is about much more than coding. There are engineers that are solicited by everyone for their projects, teams and even companies. The mythical 10x engineers. What makes these engineers special? Is it their algorithmic prowess, knowledge of programming languages, communication skills, quality of code or something else? Having had the pleasure of working with (and working for) few of the best engineers in the world, I will talk about what makes a “rockstar” software engineer.

What makes a 10X Software Engineer? was presented at IndicThreads Conference, Delhi NCR, India (July 2012). Presentation – Slides

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Nov 272005

Mark Lutz Mark Lutz, one of the most well known names in Python, tells us why he feels Python is  now a major programming language. He speaks about the things he likes about Python and the various areas where Python is being used today. He also elaborates on why Python seems like the right answer to some major issues in software development.

According to him, Python’s basic model is a simple core language, and the core doesn’t need much more. He’d like to see effort put into things like optimization and
just-in-time compilers, instead of esoteric language extensions that
may only appeal to the top 5% of the Python user base.

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