Jun 122012

IndicThreads in partnership with Reliscore & Apress is running a weekly Developer Contest On Emerging Technology where all you need to do is answer a few questions and win great books and goodies. The contest consists of a mix of multiple choice questions, some coding and some text answers. Continue reading »

Feb 232012

IndicThreads Conference On Software Development will be held on 13 – 14 July in Delhi. Do have a look at sessions and speakers at the conference.

If you think the content is good quality, we encourage you to share & tell your developer friends about it. We are sure your friends would appreciate the share – We will reach relevant audience and also save some promotion rupees – You could win a copy of “Beginning Java 7″ By Jeff Friesen! Win – Win – Win! :) Continue reading »

Nov 252009

The Java Quiz this week is more of a JavaScript & GWT quiz than Java. Answer a couple of questions and win a copy of ‘Professional JavaScript for Web Developers 2nd Ed’.  Enter The Quiz.

If JavaScript is something you deal with everyday while developing Java web applications, you must have a look at Aman King’s session on ‘JavaScript Redux: Relearning JS For Today’s Needs‘ . While Allahbaksh Asadullah talks of GWT in his session GWT Internals – Tips & Tricks @ the IndicThreads Conference On Java 09.

Nov 272006

iDevGames, one of the most renowned Mac game development company, announced the 3D Game Development Contest. Its a good opportunity for Python game developers to participate and compete with other game developers. Developers skills will be tested for creating 3D unique games in just 30 days!

Python is already being used by professional game developers in a number of popular commercial games, including the award winning Star Trek Bridge Commander , Freedom Force. Still C and C++ are the favorite languages for game development. lets see the advantages of Python, how Python can reduce your development time and improve your technical designs.

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