Dec 202012

Technology is extremely important. Many companies have been tremendously successful by leveraging technology. Conferences such as IndicThreads are great for learning about technology and keeping current. However technology is just the beginning. Look beyond technology if you really want to build great products!

In this short talk Suhas Kelkar, Chief Technology Officer (APAC) for BMC Software shares some of his experiences dealing with enterprise software customers and what they are looking for from a successful product. He also shares how to recognize when to leverage technology and when to look beyond technology.

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Apr 292009

rob_jamesRob James is the CTO of Aegeon and one of the earliest adopters of Groovy and Grails for real world software. In this interview with IndicThreads he tells us why Aegeon chose Groovy and Grails to build their enterprise web2 & social networking product, He talks of the challenges in getting web2 and social media ideas into enterprise software. He also shares when one should consider using emerging technologies and how to go about adopting them. Continue reading »

Jun 062008

Resolver Systems announces the release of version 1.1 of Resolver One) , a revolutionary improvement in spreadsheet systems. “We’ve made quite a lot of changes, hopefully making the program more responsive and pleasant to use as well as adding cool new features.” said Giles Thomas, CTO and MD of Resolver Systems. “With this release,” said Jean Viry-Babel, Head of Sales, “Resolver One has achieved maturity and we are ready to conquer the data analysis world.”
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May 292005

Jesper_Joergensen In this interview, Jesper Joergensen talks about BEA’s involvement in open source, its approach to J2EE and the changing nature of the J2EE application servers.

He also shares his views on the Apache Beehive project and why he thinks the WebLogic Server has now reached a level of reliability and scalability that makes it capable of replacing even some of the old and reliable systems in existence today.

Jesper tells us what’s special about the new Weblogic Server 9.0 and the new WebLogic Workshop that’s being built on top of Eclipse. He also shares his thoughts on when it makes sense to adopt a commercial application server like Weblogic over its free and open source alternatives.

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