Aug 142012

Software Engineering is about much more than coding. There are engineers that are solicited by everyone for their projects, teams and even companies. The mythical 10x engineers. What makes these engineers special? Is it their algorithmic prowess, knowledge of programming languages, communication skills, quality of code or something else? Having had the pleasure of working with (and working for) few of the best engineers in the world, I will talk about what makes a “rockstar” software engineer.

What makes a 10X Software Engineer? was presented at IndicThreads Conference, Delhi NCR, India (July 2012). Presentation – Slides

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Apr 272009

Embarcadero Technologies has released the latest update to JBuilder Java IDE. Built on the latest Eclipse framework, JBuilder 2008 R2 claims to boost developer productivity, application performance, and code quality with advanced features and updated support for the leading commercial and open source Java EE 5 application servers. Continue reading »

Mar 252008

Sun Microsystem today announced details around its second annual CommunityOne conference that will be held May 5, 2008 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. In addition, Sun will host its fifth Sun Startup Camp(SM) event May 4-5, 2008, as part of CommunityOne. CommunityOne is a free, one-day event that allows developers and students to benefit from the innovation and choice of the free and open source ecosystem. CommunityOne will offer more than 70 sessions led by contributors and committers of more than 30 different open source and community projects; from chip design to operating systems, to web servers and databases, to scripting languages and tools.
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Mar 262006

Jython and CoyoteJython support in NetBeans has been announced very recently, Coyote develops a set of NetBeans modules to help developers write code in dynamic languages using the NetBeans IDE. Initially, they are targeting Jython and Groovy languages. Use of Java and Jython/Groovy type of language, which is very close to java community can contribute to the progress of developer productivity.
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