Oct 082010

Firefox 4 beta for mobile is now available for download on Android & Maemo. Firefox on mobile is a far more important development than first obvious cause Firefox brings with it a culture & a developer base for building third party addons & extensions. These extensions are certain to benefit the mobile platforms that support the Firefox browser and also could lead to a shift in mobile application development from platform specific apps to browser addons. Continue reading »

Jun 082009

Google has open sourced Page Speed, a tool that was being used internally at Google to analyze and optimize web page performance. The performance best practices section of the Page Speed guide lists and discusses various web site performance optimization strategies and is a good read. Continue reading »

Mar 202009

web browsers ie8 firefox google chromeMicrosoft has released Internet Explorer 8 which claims to be easier, faster and secure. Along with the release of IE 8, Microsoft has also released a white paper that would make good reading for developers and testing professionals. Continue reading »

Mar 192009

Firefox Web Browser For Mobile Devices - FennecMozilla has announced the beta release of Firefox Mobile Browser, code named Fennec. Amongst the highlights of this release is the inclusion of  TraceMonkey, Mozilla’s new JavaScript engine, which is said to greatly improve browser performance. Continue reading »