Jan 092014

Grails is a high productivity framework for JVM, based on Groovy language.  It has been around since 2006. Since then, innumerable sites have successfully been launched using the framework. Below are 15 reasons that make Grails the web development framework of choice:

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Feb 252010

Hobo is an open source rapid development toolkit for Ruby on Rails, which claims to help developers build anything from throwaway prototypes to meticulously crafted full-blown web apps in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional tools. Hobo has now officially reached Version 1.0 after three years of focused development effort.

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Oct 122009

ScalaTest is an open-source testing framework that aims to speed up tests by leveraging the Scala programming language.  ScalaTest 1.0, released today claims to reduce the amount of test code lines required in testing. This reduction in code lines is a product of Scala, an object-oriented language that compiles to Java bytecode and runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Continue reading »