Jan 092014

Grails is a high productivity framework for JVM, based on Groovy language.  It has been around since 2006. Since then, innumerable sites have successfully been launched using the framework. Below are 15 reasons that make Grails the web development framework of choice:

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Apr 062010

Dynamic languages such as JRuby, Groovy, and Jython are increasingly playing an important role in the web these days. The associated frameworks such as Rails, Grails, and Django are gaining importance because of the agility provided by them. This session gives an overview of various Dynamic Languages and associated Web frameworks that can be used on the GlassFish project. Continue reading »

Mar 022010

Dynamic scripting languages are a powerful addition to a software designer’s toolbox. Rails/Ruby and Python have not gained much acceptance in the enterprise. Grails and Groovy are an attempt to bridge the gap between the modern scripting world and the Enterprise Java world. This talk is an introduction towards building web applications in Grails. Continue reading »

May 192009

grails-google-app-engineGrails is one of the many web frameworks for the Java platform. However it shines through by its ability to use the best ideas from the Ruby on Rails world while at the same time continuing to leverage the tried, tested and trusted Java platform as well as established frameworks like Spring and Hibernate. With Grails’ tight integration with Java, Groovy based features, growing popularity and improved support from IDEs, Grails looks poised to become the RAD framework of choice for the Java platform. Continue reading »