Apr 022007

Jacob Kaplan-Moss is one of the lead developers of Django. At his day job, he’s the lead developer for the Lawrence Journal-World, a locally-owned newspaper in Lawrence, KS where Django was developed.

At the Journal-World, Kaplan-Moss hacks on a number of sites including lawrence.com, ljworld.com, and kusports.com. He has co-authored a book on Django, “Pro Django: Web Development Done Right”. In this interview, he tells us about Django, his views on Open Source and about AJAX + Django.

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Mar 262007

GraemeRocher-GrailsGrails creator Graeme Rocher tells us what’s special about the web framework and how it offers developers the best of the Java and the scripting world.

He also talks of how Groovy and Grails complement Java and also when it would be madness to think of using a scripting language over a language like Java.

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Nov 152006

RubyOnRailscreatorDavidHeinemeierHansson Few years back, a lot of developers were tending to hear about Python than about Ruby, so a lot of them shifted to Python. Now, Its likely to have heard about Ruby, especially Java enthusiasts seems to have a love-hate relationship with Ruby and ROR. While there are some who feel it’s over hyped, there are others who feel that Rails is the coolest web application. So who better to talk about Ruby on Rails than the creator of ROR, David Heinemeier Hansson.
In this interview David talks about the growth of Rails and its features. He also tells us why Rails is relevant to Java developers.

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Oct 312006

EclipseExecutiveDirectorMikeMilinkovichJava development tools affect and interest every Java developer, and Eclipse is easily the most commonly used development tool.

On 7th Nov 06, Eclipse celebrates its 5th birthday, and on this occassion IndicThreads spoke to Mike Milinkovich, the executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. Mike took charge in June 2004 and has been instrumental in driving Eclipse adoption.

Mike talks about the current state of Eclipse and what to expect from it in the near future. He also shares his thoughts on Eclipse adoption and how Eclipse enables development of innovative software solutions. As for competition from other IDEs and the NetBeans switch campaign, he says “Switching campaigns are what the market followers do. We are frankly more focused on closing in on the adoption and usage rates of Visual Studio”

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Sep 282006

hard to believe that Pearu Peterson doesn’t have any computer
background. He has a Masters degree in Natural Sciences and a PhD in studying interactions of water waves. But he is also the author of  F2PY (Fortran to Python Interface generator)  and has contributed to various Python based scientific computing tools
like, SciPy, GiNaC and GMPY. He is also involved in the Python numpy.distutils package.

In this interview he not only tells us why Python is his preferred langauge but also talks about Python’s evolution and developments on his various open source projects like SciPy.
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Sep 182006

MarcDomenigSuggest Ajax web development to a Java UI developer and you will invariably get the question “Why not Java RIA? I can do all this and more with Swing.”  Is Swing as good as if not better than Ajax?

Marc Domenig, the CEO of Canoo has been in the Java RIA business for years. In this interview he talks about the Rich Internet Applications (RIA) space and why despite the hype around Ajax, Java Swing can be a much better option.
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