Nov 212011

The session “Near Field Communication (NFC) For Next Generation Smart Phone Apps” was presented at 2nd Annual Conference On Mobile Application Development, August 2011, Pune, India. This session will cover details of technology, its current state and its impact on mobile application development, followed by a demonstration of how to build a NFC based TAG reading Android Application. Continue reading »

Nov 102011

Inaugural Address at the 2nd Annual Conference On Mobile Application Development, August 2011, delivered by Dr. Sunu Engineer, CEO of Embedded Computing Machines and earlier a senior scientist at IUCAA.

Sunu talks of the genesis of mobile applications, the predecessors to mobile apps and how similar / dissimilar they are to other kinds of applications & software. Continue reading »

Oct 212010

Nokia has announced that going forward Qt (cute) will be its sole application development framework to build apps for its Symbian & Meego products. This comes across as a major push to simplify apps development & match up to the apps building number & capability of iPhone & Android. Continue reading »

Oct 082010

Firefox 4 beta for mobile is now available for download on Android & Maemo. Firefox on mobile is a far more important development than first obvious cause Firefox brings with it a culture & a developer base for building third party addons & extensions. These extensions are certain to benefit the mobile platforms that support the Firefox browser and also could lead to a shift in mobile application development from platform specific apps to browser addons. Continue reading »