Sep 202010

JavaOne 2010 kicks off in a few hours, on the backdrop of the many changes that Java has seen in recent years. Oracle bought Sun, Significant Drop in Java’s Cool Quotient, Drop in Buzz Around Java Technologies, Perceived stagnation, Emergence & Phenomenal Growth Of Android, Google Lawsuit… Considering all these factors, Java today seems well and truly at a crossroad. While some have started writing epitaphs for Java, calling it the new COBOL; there are others confident of a Java¬†resurgence. Continue reading »

Mar 262006

Jython and CoyoteJython support in NetBeans has been announced very recently, Coyote develops a set of NetBeans modules to help developers write code in dynamic languages using the NetBeans IDE. Initially, they are targeting Jython and Groovy languages. Use of Java and Jython/Groovy type of language, which is very close to java community can contribute to the progress of developer productivity.
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