Apr 232010

The new NetBeans 6.9 Beta release boasts of OSGi interoperability for NetBeans Platform applications; support for JavaFX SDK 1.3, PHP Zend framework and Ruby on Rails 3.0; as well as improvements to the Java Editor, Java Debugger, and issue tracking, and more. Continue reading »

Oct 262009

NetBeans IDE 6.8 Beta claims to be the first IDE to offer support for the entire Java EE 6 spec. 6.8 highlights include support for JSF 2.0/Facelets, Java Persistence 2.0, EJB 3.1 including using EJBs in web applications, RESTful web services, and GlassFish v3. Continue reading »

Oct 162009

JetBrains has announced the first Public Preview of the free Community Edition of IntelliJ IDEA. Starting with the upcoming version 9.0, IntelliJ IDEA will be offered in two editions: Community Edition, free and open-source, and Ultimate Edition. The Community Edition is expected to remove the barrier to a wider use of IntelliJ IDEA for pure Java development — its price tag. This edition is not only free, but is fully open-sourced.

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Jul 272009

NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 includes the following changes: 1) Support for JavaFX 1.2  2) Upgrade of GlassFish v3 Prelude to include fixes from bundle #28f 3) Integration of important bug fixes based on user feedback, especially in the Java Editor and project scanning areas

Support for JavaFX 1.2 technology was currently available for NetBeans IDE 6.5.1 but is now available for the 6.7 version as well. Continue reading »

Jul 092008

Froglogic has announced support for automated testing of Java Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications based on the new Eclipse 3.4 release code named Ganymede.Squish for Java is a leading functional GUI and regression testing tool enabling the creation and execution of automated GUI tests for Java SWT/RCP and AWT/Swing applications.
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