May 312011

I recently spoke at JavaOne India 2011 held in Hyderabad on 10-11 May 2011. While Sun had been holding a similar event for several years, this was the first time the event was under the Oracle banner. It was also repackaged & rebranded as JavaOne + Oracle Develop.

The conference naturally had many talks from Oracle about various technologies, including Java & the various developments in that space. I thought it would be interesting for developers to hear an independent overall perspective on Java. So my talk at the conference was titled “An independent, “ear to the ground” report on Java”. Continue reading »

Oct 012010

JavaOne 2010 was the most anticipated JavaOne for a long time. Before the event, I wrote a piece JavaOne: Expectations From Java Today, Hopes For Java Tomorrow. Below is part 2, based on the actual happenings & announcements at the conference. I have tried to address the points I had raised in the previous piece and added some new ones. Continue reading »

Sep 202010

JavaOne 2010 kicks off in a few hours, on the backdrop of the many changes that Java has seen in recent years. Oracle bought Sun, Significant Drop in Java’s Cool Quotient, Drop in Buzz Around Java Technologies, Perceived stagnation, Emergence & Phenomenal Growth Of Android, Google Lawsuit… Considering all these factors, Java today seems well and truly at a crossroad. While some have started writing epitaphs for Java, calling it the new COBOL; there are others confident of a Java resurgence. Continue reading »

May 052010

The iPhone revolutionized the world of mobile application development. However the iPhone’s proprietary hardware and software development environments are a roadblock to many. Google’s Android platform with its promise of open standards for hardware and a free and familiar development environment make it a strong contender for competing with the iPhone platform. Continue reading »