Aug 192013

Imperative style of programming is more suited for stand-alone applications running on single core hardware.  With Cloud Computing, SAAS, Agile rife in software industry complimented with multi core processors, it is inevitable that software programmers adopt a new style of programming that is more suited to the modern ecosystem. Hence a modern approach to software development is the need of hour.

Typesafe Stack is an alternative to traditional Java Technologies such as Java Enterprise that modernizes software development on the Java Virtual Machine to cater the needs of modern day applications. It provides strategies for scaling up to multi core and scaling out to cloud, tools to avoid bugs up front. It emphasizes on developer agility, productivity and enthusiasm. Continue reading »

Oct 012010

JavaOne 2010 was the most anticipated JavaOne for a long time. Before the event, I wrote a piece JavaOne: Expectations From Java Today, Hopes For Java Tomorrow. Below is part 2, based on the actual happenings & announcements at the conference. I have tried to address the points I had raised in the previous piece and added some new ones. Continue reading »

Apr 072010

The TIOBE Programming index for April 2010 says that C is back at the No 1 position and the main reason is said to be the decline of Java which is showing a long-term downward trend. I am sure this will get reported as evidence of the end of Java being near. However while a  downward trend for the Java language might be visible, I do not think there’s any downward trend for the Java platform as a whole. Continue reading »

Mar 182010

The session looks at the fundamentals of Scala with examples to highlight its unique features like case classes and pattern matching, for comprehensions, traits, functions as values and others. It also looks at Scala’s support for writing internal as well as external DSLs. Continue reading »

Oct 122009

ScalaTest is an open-source testing framework that aims to speed up tests by leveraging the Scala programming language.  ScalaTest 1.0, released today claims to reduce the amount of test code lines required in testing. This reduction in code lines is a product of Scala, an object-oriented language that compiles to Java bytecode and runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Continue reading »

Aug 272009

Azul Systems has released Azul Systems Java Virtual Machine 2.5 (AVM 2.5), which claims to be the industry’s only virtualized JVM. The AVM 2.5 release includes several new features, including support for the Windows platform, improved diagnostics and profiling functionality, and enhanced performance capabilities. Continue reading »