Sep 202010

JavaOne 2010 kicks off in a few hours, on the backdrop of the many changes that Java has seen in recent years. Oracle bought Sun, Significant Drop in Java’s Cool Quotient, Drop in Buzz Around Java Technologies, Perceived stagnation, Emergence & Phenomenal Growth Of Android, Google Lawsuit… Considering all these factors, Java today seems well and truly at a crossroad. While some have started writing epitaphs for Java, calling it the new COBOL; there are others confident of a Java resurgence. Continue reading »

Jun 302010

Apache Tomcat 7 is the project’s first major release since 2006. It fully implements the Java Servlet 3.0, JavaServer Pages (JSP) 2.2, and Expression Language (EL) 2.2 specifications for easier Web framework integration. One of the Apache Software Foundation’s (ASF) earliest projects, the Tomcat code base was first donated to the ASF in 1999. Continue reading »

Apr 292009

rob_jamesRob James is the CTO of Aegeon and one of the earliest adopters of Groovy and Grails for real world software. In this interview with IndicThreads he tells us why Aegeon chose Groovy and Grails to build their enterprise web2 & social networking product, He talks of the challenges in getting web2 and social media ideas into enterprise software. He also shares when one should consider using emerging technologies and how to go about adopting them. Continue reading »

Nov 072008

Sun has announced the release of the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server version 3 Prelude, a lightweight Web application server that is based on a modular OSGi architecture. Sun is also providing a preview of features that will be available in the upcoming Java Platform Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE).
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Aug 262008

India’s pioneering conference on Java technology gets bigger and better in its third year. The conference has always striven to bring great, vendor-neutral & international content. The 2008 event offers unmatched content and value. The conference website now has a preliminary list of speakers and sessions. Do check it out! There’s more coming! Register now to grab some great early bird discounts.
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