May 312011

I recently spoke at JavaOne India 2011 held in Hyderabad on 10-11 May 2011. While Sun had been holding a similar event for several years, this was the first time the event was under the Oracle banner. It was also repackaged & rebranded as JavaOne + Oracle Develop.

The conference naturally had many talks from Oracle about various technologies, including Java & the various developments in that space. I thought it would be interesting for developers to hear an independent overall perspective on Java. So my talk at the conference was titled “An independent, “ear to the ground” report on Java”. Continue reading »

Apr 122010

This session takes the audience through the structure of Java Platform Mobile Edition (JavaME) including the major optional APIs. The session also explores LWUIT describing the main components and functionality. Session was presented at the 4th Conference On Java. Continue reading »

Jun 252008

The .Net Compact Framework and Java ME top the list of platforms being targeted today by wireless developers, according to a survey of 384 professional developers working on wireless apps conducted last month. Forty-two percent were targeting each platform. Linux and Windows Mobile 6.0 trailed behind, while Android and Mac OS were being targeted by fewer developers than any other major platform with only 7% of wireless developers creating any apps for either of those platforms.
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Jul 122005

John Zukowski is a writer and developer specializing in Java and related Web technologies. He has used Java and written about it right from the very beginning. He is the author of several books on Java and has written over 200 articles on Java related subjects. He was part of the Expert group for JSR 176: J2SE 5.0 (Tiger) Release.

In this interview, John speaks about how the Java language has evolved over the past 10 years. He tells us what he likes in J2SE 5 and about the future of Java in the mobile world. John recently published a book on Swing and he shares his thought about Swing GUI and compares Swing with alternative GUI technologies.

>> Books by John Zukowski

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