Mar 112008

java interview questionsIndicThreads ran an article some years ago about the kind of job interview questions that were faced by Java developers. The software industry has kept growing and software developers continue to be in great demand. So here is a compilation of important questions & answers from the earlier article as well as new ones on Java SE and Java EE. In between then and now, Java has changed and has come out with newer versions and more features (complexities?). So have changed the questions. The Java developer is today tested on web2.0, ajax frameworks, soa, and so on. We don’t have all the questions yet and will keep updating this piece. If you would like to share interview question & answers, please add your comment along with your name, the role you play and company name.

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Mar 152006

Nice to see plenty of comments from Python language lovers on “Marketing Python – An Idea Whose Time Has Come“. Very rightly said by John, We need more Py-users spread the faith in Python, If we want to see the growth in Python users, we need to market the language, Lets see what can be done to attract the developers towards Python Language.
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Sep 012005

Testing is constantly in the software news and people are talking about it from every perspective. Testing ‘“ a new business line, a career option, a necessity. Lot of discussion is going on.Testing has been evolved to a great extent over a period of years.

It’s not just the second level job where if time permits some people will be validating the application before delivering it to the client. When the word ‘œTesting’ is mentioned mainly following things are considered ‘“

  • A new line of business which can generate million dollar business
  • Skilled professionals and not just people who can break the system
  • Last but not least not just skilled but masters in some field who are preferably certified in testing area.

IT companies are seriously considering testing as another important source of revenue. And this has been proved as there are many organizations which just specialize into testing and quality services. Testing is having tremendous growth potential particularly when it comes to outsourcing. Because when we say software next obvious word comes is ‘œoutsourcing’. So companies are setting up altogether different divisions/departments which specialize into software testing. But for all this we need skilled professionals.

And skilled professional required in this field are also not scarce. But before taking up software testing as a career one should consider following points-

  • Its not just one phase in software development life cycle which we all read in software engineering books.
  • Testing is not ‘˜just’ another option because typical notion is that whoever doesn’t gets chance to work in development goes for testing.
  • Some sort of certification/training or at least elementary course is required.

If we have a look at above three points then it can be seen that third point will help in clearing the confusion about testing. That’s why I say that not just skilled professionals or engineering graduates are enough.

So this leads to which training programs and certifications in testing are available. There are quite a few elementary as well as advanced certification programs are available. The Quality Assurance Institute (QAI) is a body which provides certifications as Certified Software Tester (CSTE) and Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA) in area of software testing and quality. Let’s have a look at these certifications in brief.

  • CSTE ‘“ This certification focuses on testing concepts and all the aspects related with software testing. Like various types testing, methodologies, review techniques and all
  • CSQA ‘“ Knowledge of quality models, processes, principles and practices of quality assurance in the IT profession are measured in this certification.

Then there are some other certifications programs. Like ‘œFoundation Certificate in Software Testing’ from Information Systems Examinations Board (ISEB) and companies like Thinksoft Global Services (TGS) are coming up with certification program in Testing. Vanaja Arvind (Executive Director), TGS says ‘œSoftware testing is now perceived as an area which has tremendous growth potential and is considered higher in the value chain.’ And for this she believes that a strong foundation of domain expertise is required which necessarily leads to a certification program.

So lots of things are happening in the testing world. Rather I will say that finally, testing has arrived.

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May 312005
As Indian software companies continue to recruit like there’s no tomorrow, salaries are rising (Ref: Satyam hikes salaries), job sites and job sections in newspapers are flooded with IT job ads. So is all this good news for India and its IT talent or is there a darker side to it??

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