Mar 082012

Scala is a very powerful OO + FP language which is well suited for building DSL’s and for writing highly concurrent programs – we will explore these areas. Some very powerful, expressive and type safe DSL’s have been written using Scala for e.g. Foursquare uses a type safe expressive DSL called Rogue, the integration open source project Camel has a Scala based DSL. My talk would describe how to build DSL’s using Scala, what features in Scala help make it a great option for building DSL’s and some examples of DSL’s built in Scala.

Using Scala for building DSLs was presented at 6th Annual Conference On Java, December 2011, Pune, India.  Presentation – Slides

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Oct 122009

ScalaTest is an open-source testing framework that aims to speed up tests by leveraging the Scala programming language.  ScalaTest 1.0, released today claims to reduce the amount of test code lines required in testing. This reduction in code lines is a product of Scala, an object-oriented language that compiles to Java bytecode and runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Continue reading »

Sep 172009

Noop is a new language that attempts to blend the best lessons of languages old and new, while syntactically encouraging industry best-practices and discouraging the worst offenses. Noop is initially targeted to run on the Java Virtual Machine, is what the Noop site says. Continue reading »

Aug 272009

Azul Systems has released Azul Systems Java Virtual Machine 2.5 (AVM 2.5), which claims to be the industry’s only virtualized JVM. The AVM 2.5 release includes several new features, including support for the Windows platform, improved diagnostics and profiling functionality, and enhanced performance capabilities. Continue reading »

Jul 072009

Microsoft has removed 10 security patch downloads, all associated with Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (JVM) technology. Microsoft originally licensed its JVM technology from Sun Microsystems. The support ended as of June 30, 2009, according to the security bulletins and a Microsoft support page. However this move isn’t much of a concern for users as most Java users use the Sun JVM and not the one licensed by Microsoft.