Apr 062010

Dynamic languages such as JRuby, Groovy, and Jython are increasingly playing an important role in the web these days. The associated frameworks such as Rails, Grails, and Django are gaining importance because of the agility provided by them. This session gives an overview of various Dynamic Languages and associated Web frameworks that can be used on the GlassFish project. Continue reading »

Jul 012008

Given the increasing interest in dynamic languages such as Python, Ruby, PHP along with the increasing threat perception to Java, Dhananjay Nene talks about his experience with using these languages and how they distinguish themselves from Java. The session “Contrasting Java and Dynamic Languages” will also discuss the role of Java based scripting languages such as Groovy, JRuby and Jython.
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Jun 022008

At JavaOne this year I spent a lot of time following the scripting and dynamic languages space. The speakers for all these ‘other’ languages insisted that we had entered an age where developers would use multiple languages. They said that developers would select languages based on the nature and domain of the requirement.
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Feb 162007

Jython is a Java implementation of the Python language. It allows users to compile Python source code to Java bytecodes, and run the resulting bytecodes on any Java Virtual Machine. Jython community has announced the release of Jython 2.2’s first beta version. This release contains all of the major features for a 2.2 release.
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Mar 152006

Nice to see plenty of comments from Python language lovers on “Marketing Python – An Idea Whose Time Has Come“. Very rightly said by John, We need more Py-users spread the faith in Python, If we want to see the growth in Python users, we need to market the language, Lets see what can be done to attract the developers towards Python Language.
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