Apr 282010

Microsoft .NET was rated the best overall framework by software developers who use it, in Evans Data Users’ Choice Survey on Frameworks. The survey asked developers to rank ten different attributes of the frameworks they have used. The two Google offerings – App Engine and Web Toolkit (GWT) – came in just slightly behind Microsoft in overall satisfaction, but Ruby On Rails was near the bottom. Continue reading »

Mar 152010

Google’s Android platform is gaining rapidly in the smartphone platform space. As per comScore which reports trends in the U.S. mobile phone industry, during October 2009 and January 2010 Google Android’s share of the smartphone subscriber base in the US rose by a whopping 4.3%.

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Feb 182010

In this interview we speak with cloud computing expert Janakiram MSV. Janakiram talks of what the cloud has to offer and how the various software platforms are placed as regards cloud adoption. He shares his thoughts on the top cloud service providers & the steps involved in migrating to the cloud. Finally he delves on the risks & drawbacks of cloud computing that we need to watch out for. Continue reading »

Dec 212009

An interesting look at Microsoft over the past decade. This article by Gavin Clarke for the Register looks at how the landscape has changed with the OS, browsers, software development languages, cloud computing & mobile software, the successes, the mistakes Microsoft made and the opportunities it still has. Continue reading »