Feb 112010

Gorilla Logic has released MonkeyWrench, an open-source tool for Java profiling and tuning. A Swing-based solution, MonkeyWrench takes advantage of Java’s management interface and instrumentation hooks enabling developers to collect and analyze a wide array of information in order to focus efforts for the greatest performance returns. Continue reading »

Jan 222010

VMware has released Java and Python open-source software development kits (SDKs) for the VMware vCloud API, making it easier for developers and ISVs to jumpstart their projects by flexibly leveraging private and public cloud services. The new Python and Java SDKs for the VMware vCloud API will simplify and accelerate developers’ ability to leverage VMware vCloud services. Continue reading »

Jun 262006

ActiveGrid has decided to contribute in the Jython project to make ActiveGrid LAMP applications easier to deploy within companies. The company has made updates to the Jython project to have Python applications run on the Java virtual machine.

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