Jun 082009

Google has open sourced Page Speed, a tool that was being used internally at Google to analyze and optimize web page performance. The performance best practices section of the Page Speed guide lists and discusses various web site performance optimization strategies and is a good read. Continue reading »

Nov 152006

RubyOnRailscreatorDavidHeinemeierHansson Few years back, a lot of developers were tending to hear about Python than about Ruby, so a lot of them shifted to Python. Now, Its likely to have heard about Ruby, especially Java enthusiasts seems to have a love-hate relationship with Ruby and ROR. While there are some who feel it’s over hyped, there are others who feel that Rails is the coolest web application. So who better to talk about Ruby on Rails than the creator of ROR, David Heinemeier Hansson.
In this interview David talks about the growth of Rails and its features. He also tells us why Rails is relevant to Java developers.

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Nov 272005

Mark Lutz Mark Lutz, one of the most well known names in Python, tells us why he feels Python is  now a major programming language. He speaks about the things he likes about Python and the various areas where Python is being used today. He also elaborates on why Python seems like the right answer to some major issues in software development.

According to him, Python’s basic model is a simple core language, and the core doesn’t need much more. He’d like to see effort put into things like optimization and
just-in-time compilers, instead of esoteric language extensions that
may only appeal to the top 5% of the Python user base.

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