Nov 162011

The 6th Annual Conference On Java will be held on 2nd & 3rd December 2011 in Pune, India. Sessions at the conference discuss topics like JavaEE 6, PAAS, JavaEE 7, Java on the Cloud, Scala Collections, Scalability, Concurrent Java, Scala DSL, Gradle, REST Web Services with Google Protocol Buffers, Solr Search, JavaFX & Akka.
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Sep 052011 invites submissions for the 6th Annual Conference On Java to be held on 2nd and 3rd December 2011 in Pune, India.

The conference was the first independent conference on Java technology in India (since 2006) and continues to be the best place in India to learn the latest in the Java world while meeting with like-minded individuals from across the industry. Continue reading »

May 172011

The 2nd Annual Conference On Cloud Computing will be held on 3-4 June 2011 in Pune, India. Cloud Computing’s potential for transformation seems endless;  however for effective cloud adoption the users & developers need a good understanding of  the intricacies & the challenges like security, platform choices, cloud lockin, interoperability, legal implications & cloud monitoring.

While last year’s conference got delegates started with cloud computing, the 2011 conference takes things further, diving into the depths, the choices & the challenges posed by cloud computing.The conference is a vendor-neutral event focused on delivering learning & quality content for the delegates.

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Apr 262011

Typically, it was about a week’s planning before I got to attend the IndicThreads conference.  I didn’t know that the conference was taking place on Friday until I got an invite by Harshad Oak through LinkedIn.  I took permission from my authorities at my work place, took Friday off and was looking forward to this 2-day conference in the city of Pune, India.

I had attended (TSSS 2003, USA), presented at (FIE 97, USA), and written about (NFJS 2005, USA) conferences in the USA — but had never attended one in India, specifically in Pune.  Honestly, I was eager to. Continue reading »

Apr 012011

Pune, India: In a novel initiative, IndicThreads has announced that at its annual Cloud Computing conference to be held in June 2011, all delegates would get to literally ride through the clouds over Pune city, aboard the first hot air balloon to be entirely made in India. Continue reading »

Mar 302011

Call For Speakers for the 2nd Annual IndicThreads Conference On Upcoming Technology (Cloud Computing) is closing shortly. The conference will be held on 3-4 June 2011 in Pune, India. The conference is a vendor-neutral event on upcoming technology and is the place to be, to learn about the latest in cloud computing, while interacting with peers and experts from across the industry. Continue reading »