Apr 212009

Sun Microsystems has been bought by Oracle. Any such major acquisition means that it’s time for all tech media to speculate on the future of the merger and of the products affected. Below are my 2 cents. Continue reading »

Apr 012009

Two of the most respected names in the Indian software industry answer queries on the trends in software development and the IT industry in India. Dr Ganesh Natarajan (Chairman of Nasscom, CEO of Zensar) & Dr. Anand Deshpande (Founderof Persistent Systems) answer queries on topics like developer skill enhancement, cloud computing, software product development and how acceptance of mediocrity is hurting India’s growth prospects. Continue reading »

Mar 252009

Nasscom Natarajan IT Slowdown SessionIn this session Dr. Ganesh Natarajan looks at growth trends in Indian IT. He talks of how entry into new verticals and end to end service is reducing Indian IT’s dependency on a few market segments. He talks at length on how the slowdown in the economy will affect the IT industry and how companies are countering the slowdown. Continue reading »

Mar 192009

“XP and Design – Where did the Design phase go?” was presented by Paulo Caroli & Sudhindra Rao at the “3rd IndicThreads.com Conference On Java Technology” held in Pune, India. Continue reading »

Apr 302008

Experts Debate SOA, RIA, Agile, Quality, Open Source, Work Cultures & IT Education…

Project managers & architects from Cognizant, Infosys, i-flex & Persistent talk to IndicThreads about trends in software development. They discuss the changing nature of enterprise applications as well as the impact of RIA and SOA. They share their thoughts on Agile, project execution models, project irritants and also give their take on the quality of software education. Read the full discussion to gain meaninful insights into the Software Development scenario today.

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Apr 222008

Django Web DevelopmentDjango is an Open Source web framework that enables you to build clean and feature-rich web applications with minimal time and effort. Django is written in Python, a general purpose language that is well suited for developing web applications. Django loosely follows a model-view-controller design pattern, which greatly helps in building clean and maintainableweb applications.Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.

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