Aug 192013

Imperative style of programming is more suited for stand-alone applications running on single core hardware.  With Cloud Computing, SAAS, Agile rife in software industry complimented with multi core processors, it is inevitable that software programmers adopt a new style of programming that is more suited to the modern ecosystem. Hence a modern approach to software development is the need of hour.

Typesafe Stack is an alternative to traditional Java Technologies such as Java Enterprise that modernizes software development on the Java Virtual Machine to cater the needs of modern day applications. It provides strategies for scaling up to multi core and scaling out to cloud, tools to avoid bugs up front. It emphasizes on developer agility, productivity and enthusiasm. Continue reading »

Nov 122012

The 7th Annual IndicThreads Pune Conference will be held on 14-15 December 2012. We received a record number of submissions this year and the event boasts of possibly our best lineup of speakers & sessions!

Pune12 brings a hurricane (cyclone maybe) of learning around Cloud, Java, Scala, Big Data, NoSQL, HTML5 & emerging technologies. Do take a look at the sessions at conference 2012.

IndicThreads’ focus on cutting edge, vendor-neutral content along with the software community’s support & understanding of the need, keep us going strong for this long. Thank you!

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Mar 082012

Scala is a very powerful OO + FP language which is well suited for building DSL’s and for writing highly concurrent programs – we will explore these areas. Some very powerful, expressive and type safe DSL’s have been written using Scala for e.g. Foursquare uses a type safe expressive DSL called Rogue, the integration open source project Camel has a Scala based DSL. My talk would describe how to build DSL’s using Scala, what features in Scala help make it a great option for building DSL’s and some examples of DSL’s built in Scala.

Using Scala for building DSLs was presented at 6th Annual Conference On Java, December 2011, Pune, India.  Presentation – Slides

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Feb 232012

Historically writing correct concurrent, scalable and fault-tolerant applications has been very hard. Akka is an attempt to simplify writing concurrent, scalable and highly available software for the JVM. Akka has an API both for Scala and Java. Akka uses the Actor Model together with Software Transactional Memory (STM) to raise the abstraction level. For fault-tolerance it adopts the “Let it crash” model which help in building self healing always on systems.

The presentation walks through the Akka features for building a web scale system. We would look at a real world case study in which Inphina developed a web scale framework using Akka which is capable of processing 150 million streaming messages a day. We would discuss the architecture and key design decisions.
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Jan 172012

Dealing with collections is one of the most frequent activities in programming. The talk will focus on the rich collections API offered by Scala and on the myriad capabilities that are built into Scala Collections. The talk will refer briefly to the underlying design of the collections API. Given the API features and scala syntactic capabilities it will help demonstrate how complex computations can be elegantly expressed succinctly using Scala Collections.

The talk will cover a number of examples including a few using both using Scala and Java Collections APIs. Finally the talk will refer to how these expressive constructs can help reduce both development and maintenance time. Continue reading »

Nov 162011

The 6th Annual Conference On Java will be held on 2nd & 3rd December 2011 in Pune, India. Sessions at the conference discuss topics like JavaEE 6, PAAS, JavaEE 7, Java on the Cloud, Scala Collections, Scalability, Concurrent Java, Scala DSL, Gradle, REST Web Services with Google Protocol Buffers, Solr Search, JavaFX & Akka.
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