Nov 162011

The 6th Annual Conference On Java will be held on 2nd & 3rd December 2011 in Pune, India. Sessions at the conference discuss topics like JavaEE 6, PAAS, JavaEE 7, Java on the Cloud, Scala Collections, Scalability, Concurrent Java, Scala DSL, Gradle, REST Web Services with Google Protocol Buffers, Solr Search, JavaFX & Akka.
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Apr 072010

The TIOBE Programming index for April 2010 says that C is back at the No 1 position and the main reason is said to be the decline of Java which is showing a long-term downward trend. I am sure this will get reported as evidence of the end of Java being near. However while a  downward trend for the Java language might be visible, I do not think there’s any downward trend for the Java platform as a whole. Continue reading »

Mar 312010

Most developers with knowledge & experience of using web frameworks such as Struts,Tapestry, Rails, etc would ask “Why another framework? Does Lift really solve problems any differently or more effectively than the ones we’ve used before? This presentation details the advantages of this Scala based Web framework over all the existing frameworks that we have used and shows a small sample application built with Lift. Continue reading »

Mar 182010

The session looks at the fundamentals of Scala with examples to highlight its unique features like case classes and pattern matching, for comprehensions, traits, functions as values and others. It also looks at Scala’s support for writing internal as well as external DSLs. Continue reading »

Oct 122009

ScalaTest is an open-source testing framework that aims to speed up tests by leveraging the Scala programming language.  ScalaTest 1.0, released today claims to reduce the amount of test code lines required in testing. This reduction in code lines is a product of Scala, an object-oriented language that compiles to Java bytecode and runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Continue reading »