Apr 262011

Typically, it was about a week’s planning before I got to attend the IndicThreads conference.  I didn’t know that the conference was taking place on Friday until I got an invite by Harshad Oak through LinkedIn.  I took permission from my authorities at my work place, took Friday off and was looking forward to this 2-day conference in the city of Pune, India.

I had attended (TSSS 2003, USA), presented at (FIE 97, USA), and written about (NFJS 2005, USA) conferences in the USA — but had never attended one in India, specifically in Pune.  Honestly, I was eager to. Continue reading »

Mar 092011

The 2nd Annual Conference On Software Quality will be held on 25-26 March 2011 in Pune, India. The conference is an independent event on software quality and the place to discuss new developments & tackle issues and hurdles in ensuring software quality. Continue reading »

Nov 042009

Testuff has released of a new version of its test management tool, with a special new Twitter integration feature called Twistuff. The new Twitter feature allows testers to receive automatic tweets about test results and testing progress directly to their Twitter accounts.

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Jun 152009

Joe Winchester in his article The Trials of Software Testing looks at how the conflict between testers & developers, misuse of automated testing tools and misguided priorities of managers can mess up a software project. He makes some interesting points about how a project should approach testing. Continue reading »