Mar 232009

The Spring framework emerged as a lightweight alternative to EJBs and heavy application servers and has been consistently growing in popularity. Spring creator Rod Johnson in a recent keynote has suggested that Java app servers are a dead technology. Continue reading »

Mar 182009

SpringSource today released SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) 2.0, environment for building Spring-powered Java applications. Developers rely on STS as an Eclipse-based platform that speeds development, dictates best practices and assists with solving runtime problems while creating applications.

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Nov 112008

SpringSource, the company behind Spring, has acquired G2One Inc., the company behind the popular Groovy and Grails technologies. With the acquisition of G2One, SpringSource will now offer global enterprise support offerings for developers and IT operations that utilize Groovy and Grails applications.
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Mar 252008

spring TutorialThis hands-on session walks you through the process of building a simple web-application from scratch using the Spring Framework. JSP / Spring MVC will be used for the presentation tier and Spring support for JDBC and Hibernate will be demonstrated for the data-access layer.
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